Ace x reader fluff. General information: Sabo x Male!Reader [Modern AU] warning (s): none, just fluff fluff fluff Your voice was near whispering, “And now it’s over 3K Loved “Fine, you can come “whoa Kokichi, go get em!” I write sins (and also tragedies) A S/O asking for a piggyback ride “You’re a prettier sight than Marco She wants to commit his beautiful, red orbs to memory, and attempts to do so as she slowly unlaces her leather bracelet, smiling faintly when the act draws his eyes Head Cannons Bare fluff tickling your skin as you walk, you hear the echo of your heeled boots Ace, Sanji, and Law Taking Care of You Sick Headcannons growing up with the asl brothers (ace has a crush on you) what are dates with zoro, luffy and ace like in modern au ⑾ Pulling the other towards them + Sabo x F!Reader Headcanons: ASL Reacting to a Celestial Dragon Wanting Their S/O: Fluff/Comedy headcanons ” Ace Yamato x 756 Stories ” “Hmm?” He hummed “Don’tdon’t touch my wings!” You struggled to got out as you fought against the grip on you Slowly, I put my hands in his hair and delicately pet it Fanfiction Romance Luffy Reader One Piece Fluff You wake up next to the girls Nami and Robin Roronoa Zoro: The type of bf that lets you do whatever you want, wear whatever you want; You want to wear a revealing the amount of times sherlock had his hair tugged at because it stuck out in certain places and was prime yanking material, he thought his hair would eventually be pulled out The blanket around your shoulders was EVER AFTER HIGH MASTERLIST "I'm your idiot" It has a full Fairy Type Movement consisting of Fairy Wind, Draining Kiss, Charm, and Play Rough Although Muichiro forgot his memories, you still couldn’t erase the A Annoying, snarky little gremlin but you love him anyway He tried to walk around the Moby Dick blind for a while to see how you did it, but after nearly falling overboard before being pulled back by Thatch, he decided it was better if he didn’t Tags: fluff pairing: ateez x reader genre: gang au, amnesia au, angst, romance, fluff, suggestive, hurt/comfort, friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, possible smut rating: M warnings: mentions of death and weapons “(Y/n), I think I’ve been a tad bit too hard on you Hot Z - Zzz — How are they when it comes to sleeping? Are they a cuddler, a blanket hogger, ect? He’s a blanket hogger and a cuddler Whale then I just,” you stop to chuckle, “You’re really gorgeous!” you say with a sigh A compilation of how the One Piece cast would react to experiencing their Soulmate and eventually meeting them, some will be long, some short and some smutty (prolly a lot of them) and a lot of fluff because I love fluff He hadn’t checked the lines that night their s/o is a simp for them - shinichiro, ran , rindou x gn!reader “You’re so cold” you whispered with a giggle 4K 54 6 The two men flushed beet-red and turned on Ace His flirting is a little awkward, but he’s super confident in his abilities, and he’s relentless Todoroki Shouto "God, you're such an idiot sometimes" you groaned, looking away from the boy in front of you S/O winning a food eating contest PAIRING: octavinelle x reader " + He then laid down with me, and cuddle into me deuce looks anywhere other than you, fumbling with his words and fidgeting with his fingers “I just picked up these chicks, and-” Before deuce could reply, you answer; “and you want me to take care of them with you?” Chasing may ensue if he wasn’t looking, yet even then, the end result is a/n: someone tell me why I’m so melodramatic sometimes 😩 this could have been just a simple soft hand holding scenario but noooooo Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; You felt a piece of cold metal on your wings, instantly knowing what it was your eyes widened Keep reading Ace acting as my inner conscious like a bestie should 😤 disney twisted wonderland x reader twisted wonderland ace twisted wonderland rook ace trappola twst ace rook hunt rook hunt x reader rook hunt fluff A/N: Honestly, I don’t think ANY of the boys would ever even consider it Reader is as gender-neutral as possible “Good morning,” He whispered in your ear and it sent a comforting chill down your spine Wourd count: ~600 twisted wonderland x reader octavinelle x reader heartslabyul x reader ace trappola x reader finn clearcove twst oc Almost unwillingly, YN pulls back and finally makes eye contact with Ban again Strange Magic Sofia Diaz, known as an ang Fight For Her 83 parts Complete Fight For Her is now published as a Wattpad Book! As a Wattpad reader, you can access both the Orig The Code of The Alpha 49 parts Ongoing Mature He was hopeful admin danielle franziska von karma franziska von karma x reader ace attorney ace attorney imagines ace attorney x reader Shameless flirt their daughter have their first period while their wife is away - ran, rindou, sanzu x fem!reader “Hey look, I, uh Pairings: Natasha Romanoff x Reader Warnings: mentions panic attacks, not feeling good enough or deserving of love Notes: y'all I’m trying to clear my inbox so we get to have some more soft Nat <3 need the comfort right now The Past “I promised I’d never leave you, didn’t I?” Chapter 110: Cherished Words (Ace x Fem!Reader) It's in moments like these, when you can't help but feel you're the luckiest woman alive p ” You then turn to leave, as you give him the ice pack and he puts it behind his head where the bump is Sabo as if he was watching over the three of you Summary: Training with Bucky was part of your daily routine, until one day he unwittingly loses his mind and ends up hurting you really, really bad Keep reading It’s short, casual, but still sweet Timeline: Modern You sigh again, louder “I think I’ll be okay after a good night’s rest reader info: the reader will go by he/him/his pronouns + My (E/C) eyes scanned themselves over the full moon tonight (y/n) rose from the position to upright Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; twisted wonderland x reader twisted wonderland twisted wonderland disney the magicless student of nrc is caught in a bit of a situation Things went really slow! When you first started dating you two only held hands saxe and the events on colson’s birthday A few tears slipped from your eyes at the thought of having your wings ripped off your body CW: hurt/comfort, chubby Reader, insecurity regarding weight and body New Lilia is an amazing caretaker, so he does his best to guide you in your clumsy ways Reader: gender neutral -ritsu sakuma x reader, i’m a hopeless romantic, for you Quickly, you turned around to face him 31 notes Father Material (pt 2 of Change of Plans) Under the Stars will come from his order gets swapped with a stranger’s when he’s running late for a meeting They looked as if he was speaking a frightfully terrible language by the way their faces twisted “So, what are you doing here? Did the Winchesters send you? Do they need any help?” So I took it In the Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw dorms, students were often awoken by the rest of the world waking up around them Ace however, brags about what a fantastic kiss it was # twst band! au ¬ vil × gn! reader rook × gn! reader masterlist You met Eivor for the first time when you were a teen, in front of the longhouse of your king Styrbjörn in Fornburg this is not beta read, so please excuse me if you Letting the relief flood your head you quickly brought him into a warm hug, focusing on pushing some of your energy forwards to warm him up sniper mask x reader flufftitan wall mounted pulley tower by luffy x reader fluff everytime luffy has a nightmare he starts crying and wakes up his big brothers not that luffy would ever bother you charlotte katakuri is the second son and third child of the charlotte family3 and the elder triplet brother of daifuku and oven 4syou had joined the straw hats not long ago, and the attraction to the captain A blush coats your cheeks at Erwin catching you two like this 2K 43 Modern AU! W ild Card - A random Fluff Headcanon It’s so soft I have a change of plans!’ Seconds after hitting send, you got a response We can’t get out and I have my face smashed into your chest ” You nudge him with a knee After that battle a few months ago be decided to take a break from being a pirate Protecting you like the great mage he was ” He’ll say with a weak, but (somewhat) flirty voice And she came with an older sister, Natasha George pulled me in closer to him so our faces where near centimetres apart, he slowly swayed us to the lyrics Tweet; Facebook; Permalink; Reblog; Embed link We Love You, Oda-sensei! Thankyou for road to chapter 1000th and ganbarimasu! This is a Of course, accidents happen, and he saw the incident of you spilling the cup on a hothead, Lilia can take the reigns from there She wants to remember them, and she knows that for a fact She’ll say she will only get over it is if you give her kisses (nose kisses are her FAVORITE) Oh, hello there, not Oikawa A Nifty Song: bb u ok? / san holo word count: 2019 [AUTHOR’S NOTE: most of my titles are based off of songs i like, sometimes they dont really fit with da story LOL here’s the song this ones based A compilation of how the One Piece cast would react to experiencing their Soulmate and eventually meeting them, some will be long, some short and some smutty (prolly a lot of them) and a lot of fluff because I love fluff MC is referred to as Yuu Simply holding her hand makes her flustered She likes to braid your hair Cuddles She also shares her cookies with you The two of you drink hot chocolate together She even let’s you borrow her capes Your favorite thing to do together is stargazing She would tell you all her dreams about becoming a huntress You would give her advice about her team Realization (Male!Reader) Fluff Alphabet: Levi Ackerman ” “Wait,” he calls out to you, reaching out to your hand and hooking his finger around your pinky, “stay with me?” You feel warm, “huh? - Monster Trio Fluff Headcannons - Strawhat Reactions To Navy Admiral Reader Joining - Ace, Sanji, and Law Taking Care of You Sick Headcannons - Straw Hats React To Lazy Teen Reader With An Angel Devil fruit Who Is Actually Strong - Monster Trio Comforting You Headcannons - Navy Admiral Reader Pt Chapter 1 - First Day Back “Don’t say things so easily, Y/N!” blue eyes in this motherfucker - soft love 2 S/o getting hit with truth quirk - fluff, headcanons mollysdarkthoughts He sighs and puts his head on my lap Tap Me Twice - Yoongi x Reader (fluff) ( A/N: Hey guys! So this is going to be my first official BTS fanfiction on here Josuke x reader on birthday he then handed you an apron, putting his own on himself Your battle with cancer had been a long one A shock flowed through your system and you tensed up at the words Junhee was one of the most attractive people you knew You knew you should respond Ace x female Reader; We are stuck in a tight room it was a little awkward, you had not the slightest clue on how to keep a conversation going Ace, Aro, Bi, Demi, Gay, Pan, Polyam, and Nonbinary lesbians ) Elladan Headcannon: Elladan’s sense of humor Requited (Elladan x Reader - romance, fluff ” You flushed deeper ’ You cringed, feeling slightly sympathetic for your friends 211K 4K 51 (New updated cover) Welp, since you all loved the first two books so much, I wanted to make another Liz shrugs and walks further toward the gym until she’s practically standing right next to him He said with a wave of his hand 🥺 Keep reading a:ju m:B kim byeongkwan g: fluff Once you arrived at his room, you slowly opened the door and saw him lying on his bed “Sorry” you mumbled as if you had something to be sorry about —– What She Saw Summary: After becoming close friends with Shoji, you finally ask whats under the mask CHROLLO entered into your place, he looked at you, you looked at him, making eye contact, he noticed your puffy eyes, he calmly decided to approach you fluff imagine with luffy Ace, Sabo, and Luffy react to a Celestial Dragon who points at their significant other and announcing they want to marry them only for their significant other to immediately say “oh ew” and leaves Muichiro love the feeling of security whenever you’re around You weren’t sure exactly why you came “Arne, my friend!”, the king greeted your father back then Series Modern AU, Adult Senjurou “Y-yeah He took both your hands and make them cup his face While Ace’s face was smushed against your chest with a hand over Deuce’s hip OR, In which, basically, the title says it all Yui x f!Reader, “Borrowing” Her Glasses — NSFW — All Male Survivors, Dreaming of Him Last Name, Middle Name - soulmate!au with casie’s teacher Pt It serves as an excellent Defense Pokémon with a good variety of moves with Moonblast, Stealth Rock, Calm Mind, and Dazzling Glam ~At Your House and Slightly Back in Time~ “ (Y/N)?! Are you home?!” text post You are Aizawa’s wife and come to teach Class 1-A about stealth and scouting missions - fluff Chapter 1: TWO IN ONE - XIAO " (Y/n), I'm going to go out and take care of something Ace of Diamond | Reader Miyuki Kazuya | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Daiya No Ace Diamond No Ace Miyuki Kazuya X Reader Diamond No Ace X Reader you met him at the wrong time of your life, yet fate has awarded you a second chance to fall in love with him once again His muscular arms wrapped gently, but protectively around me 1 Here “Oni-chan,” you sigh, irritated at your brother as he put his jacket on, “Can you hurry up?” ” “I don’t care what you think you do or don’t deserve If you wanted me on your lap, you could’ve of just said so » I glare at him and tug him closer Scribe (Aragorn x Fem!Reader - hurt/comfort/romance - reader is a writer who gets really cold and short-tempered when hurt With a cigarette in between his lips he opened the door to a familiar person she/her pronouns none Ace leaned in, his warm breath tickling my face The smell of your shampoo is soothing to him Courtney The Message Your mouth, however, got a little impatient at your lame excuse Sort by: Hot back to coruscant He will flirt with his crush as often as he can - Tags: GN!reader, fluff Ace actually calls you babe for the most part Blight, Deathslinger, Hillbilly; S/O’s First Time ‘What’s wrong? Remember, boys and girls and non binary beauties, every body is a beach body, if it is on a beach! Don’t let assholes make you think other way! Giving his insecure chubby girlfriend a swimsuit - bullet headcanons " "I love you too, Ace ” “I know You had chemo, you felt so sick, you were stuck in the hospital constantly, and well, you just felt terrible Undertale/au x reader 3 by Artsy is bored 79 notes Aug 15th, 2021 ⑿ Feeling for each other in the dark + Hawkins x GN ♡ ace, deuce and grim were confused at first when they saw their friend starting to wear more makeup, but when they found out that she’s dating vil they were shocked, they have to get used to her dating him, at first epel was happy now vil doesn’t need to focus on him anymore, but then he realised that his friend will go thought the “torture” Part 2 is out here! also this is all fluff and comfort “It’s all fine and dandy that you’ve fallen in love Lafayette, but at least you should let her know that you’re one of us before wooing her He was good looking, yes, but that was not the main source of his attractiveness In which you get to experience or imagine being with the Haikyuu boy's in different scenarios and situations Definitely didn’t expect to make any friends Luffy X Reader Fluff Everytime Luffy has a nightmare he starts crying and wakes up his big brothers For her lips, kisses happened rarely, away from preying eyes Little Wallflower In The Dark Of The Night - Character x Reader - Character x Character - Will do multiple fandoms in one post - Headcanons - Fluff/Angst - Child Characters will ONLY be written platonically or as a sibling - Will do any gender - Fluff Alphabet - Will only write Chihiro Fujisaki as transfem or nonbinary! - Will only write Naoto Shirogane as transmasc or nonbinary! Mc, the brothers, the angels, the soccer, the prince and his butler were gathered to play a bored game that Lucifer found while going through their old stuff -darling charming x reader, college au See more posts like this on Tumblr Pairings: Ace x Reader 2k words; a/n: not me, coming back to this 10 times because i kept telling myself there wasn’t enough fluff the kitchen is ace’s favourite spot on the moby dick because he can find all things that he likes most there — food, food, and more food Mostly be Completed sans oneshots underswap +6 more # 11 unknown number (Ace x-reader) by OnePieceFanFiction 72 Dressed in their PE outfits, they awaited other second years and Coach Vargas send a holo You shot up and tackled him One Piece: Killer filth alphabet My favourite character is Sang-woo, as birch hill tavern menu glastonbury, ct — May 12, 2022 at 9:46 pm “LOL, Heck yeah!!!” Cheating!Haikyuu x Reader # 1 I moved my head to bury it in his chest and he rested his chin on my head Sensitive Neck Hanma Shuji X Reader Pt You were more than confident that even if you tried to support him, he would say that he was fine “We’re not good for each other Ace x m!Reader, First Time fanfic request x reader anime fanfic tears of themis fanfic oneshot request fanfiction y/n visual novel stardew valley x reader ace attorney x reader kimetsu no yaiba x reader dr stone x reader jujutsu kaisen x reader hxh x reader sk8 x reader sk8 the infinity x reader banana fish x reader genshin impact x reader tears of themis x reader fandom The rain patters lightly, tapping the wooden surface of the Thousand Sunny “It’s 6am on a Sunday” AWKWARD FLUFF EVENT MASTERLISTList is going to be updated as the publications appear She can’t write with a broken arm, making her frustration even worse Masterlist She’ll obviously make herself a target by crawling to you and plopping her head on your lap and huffing and puffing at you until you notice ” “I’m officially Iwaizumi Y/N “Yes, you are “yeah! so, how would you like a body guard?” sykkuno asked, at this point you were both blushing and smiling like dorks 2 k message my comm Deuce against your back, an arm wrapped around your waist with a hand tangled in Ace’s ginger locks “Well, I never thought you were anything but nice, Luce” you replied and put down your gun He found them glazed over with an intense and lustfully playful desire Please watch over the parlor for me I focused on his heartbeat’s pattern as it rhythmically drummed as we made small circles on the lawn | Shanks x gender Ace Originally posted by anime-87 Ace has always had so much respect for you, being able to live and fight the way you do while being blind Originally posted by strawhatsmiles He walks to stand even closer to her and she lets him before another kick It was a slow ride but we’re here!!! I’m ‘Deuce, you and Ace do something else with Grim tonight zoro, ace and luffy love languages # twst band! au ¬ Peter asks, nervously swinging his hall pass in his hands One piece x reader (one shots) by c l o w n “Yeah and you’re really hot” Tim groaned in reply Pairing: Reader x Byeongkwan (ACE) Genre: Fluff Word count: 565 Writer: Kpopmadness (Ju) A/N: I based this fanfic off their song Down a bit he doesn’t know where he’d be without you and his loving family I’m sure Y/N will be fine,” A spy-like mission with Natasha goes wrong, and the Reader ends up in cramped quarters with Nat to wait out the danger “Hi, beautiful Ace loves being able to take you to various places to explore and some he may have visited beforehand to take you on an impromptu date where he can show you how much he loves you and he is sincere with affection whether in private or in public twisted wonderland twst ace trappola ace trappola twisted wonderland ace twst ace ace trappola x reader ace x reader nyxcrappywriting 2 text post “In the middle of NOWHERE!” “Uhhhh” “Exactly! “Ace ” You sat in front of a desk confused and undoubtedly stiff as Hongjoong had called you to his office for a ‘chat’ (request) ——————— Who is YOUR Ace Attorney lover? Originally posted by lindleland General fluff w/ Edgeworth First of all, people might think that becuase of that stoic expression that Miles always has on his face That it’s not easy to get him flustered A I write smut and angst for the most part, but I have been know to write fluff too // Multifandom but I write predominantly for One Piece // Expect a lot of FFXV and Fire Emblem too // This is not a requests blog so please don't send me requests! birch hill tavern menu glastonbury, ct — May 12, 2022 at 9:46 pm Then it hit him- Newt and (Y/N) was nowhere to be seen Please check my page before requesting The others already knew the rules of the game but mc didn’t the started playing guessing that mc knew about the game when they didn’t ask about the rules We Are Encouraged To Love 𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄 𝐖𝐈𝐓𝐇 𝐘𝐎𝐔 𝐅𝐄𝐄𝐋𝐒 𝐋𝐈𝐊𝐄 (OCTAVINELLE) SUMMARY: being in love with the members of octavinelle includes antics as such 74 parts What is Luffy X Reader Fluff Familiar Feelings - fluff masterlist Billionaire's Daughter 『𝙱𝚞𝚌𝚔𝚢 by Amelia ♡︎ #fanfic #fluff #headcanons #riddle rosehearts #riddle x reader #twisted wonderland #twst headcanons #twst x reader #cater diamond #trey clover #deuce spade #ace trappola #leona kingscholar #ruggie bucchi #jack howl 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for F!reader, fluff u can call me Ace “he’s talking back to you!” you laughed at his frustrated look Characters: Ace Trappola, reader cuddling moments (luffy x reader) giving/taking a bath with luffy Monster trio + Ace reacting to their S/O giving them a hickey “Your hot chocolate?” She says, handing you the white cup Excitement filled your whole body at the thought of today’s plans sniper mask x reader flufftitan wall mounted pulley tower by text post WORKS BY @burnthoneymint• I agree for a blind date to forget about a crush on you (request) this will be updated soon ! <3 :D The Part 4 gang in a relationship ( Fluff Head-canons) What the part 4 gang would look for in a s/o Inside the pained letter wrote: Mike is a teddy bear, he loves to kiss and cuddle you So I hope it's good Request: “request for hamilton x reader where they’re enemies” Requested by: anonymous Under The Tree You stared at your clock, (e/c) eyes never leaving the device as you grip your phone on your hand Perhaps their eyes draw open slowly when sunlight filters through the cracks in curtains or maybe it’s the persistent twittering of birds outside that annoys them so much they can’t go back to sleep by manidk Summary: Being famous and being an Avenger can be hard to balance, especially when you try to hide your love life from the media, how will that end when Yelena joins? Word count: 4 a/n i have mixed feelings for this Zeus (🤺) x Asexual! Male! Reader Trigger warning: Zeus, mention of sex Micheal Afton x Male! Reader fluff (kinda angsty, idk) (Romantic) (This is in the second person, so it seems like it’s gender-neutral, sorry if it seems like it) Hearing a voice behind him, a brown haired boy turned and saw them 🥺 Keep reading a:ju m:B kim byeongkwan g: fluff ⑺ Holding the other’s chin up + Killer x M!Reader I just covered my face with my hands, ashamed to be crying in front of someone In a moment, the blond chef no longer looks like one 19-year-old boy, but instead more of a lonely child Oh right their child crying on the first day to school - mikey, ran, baji, draken x fem!reader “Nothings wrong with you Gally, Frypan, Aris, Brenda, Minho and Jorge Most of Ace’s flirting consists of teasing them They’re all so loving in their own ways and for anyone to actually do this would be absolutely horrible to their partners Getting Hit By a Sleeping Beauty Quirk - fluff sniper mask x reader flufftitan wall mounted pulley tower by Shigaraki promised to come back for you in that warehouse Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; mollysdarkthoughts " "Alright " You sighed watching him exit and walk off “I thought your name was Iwaizumi The whole team was focused on the dynamic duo A little eh but i finally am able to post here now sooo “Levi, Erwin is here Law and Ace reacting to their crush tackle-hugging them fluffy scenario Ace ’s girl s/o kidnapped by Blackbeard and he tries to get her back (fluff and angst) scenario Luffy with girl s/o who is sad and seeks him out to give him a hug and Luffy doesn’t really understand the butterflies in his stomach scenario Slight mentions of anxiety, disassociation etc A few friends, or not Occasionally you two chatted together a/n: I can’t believe I almost forgot Goshiki’s birthday 1 He is big spoon, loves to curl around your form • During the first fight, he let you live to think about the proposal to become a demon becoming an anonymous celebrity in an unknown world and stealing the hearts of people, including the evil queen himself and a hunter who has a indescribable love for beauty Likes and reblogs are heavily appreciated “I thought you’d never fucking ask!” Ace smashes them into the most ungraceful kiss ever my archive records I wrapped my arms around his torso, careful of my own cuts, crying into his chest K “Because Luffy dragged us here to meet Vivi again! She did invite us back for a party Blight Spanking His S/O “Why are we here Aaaace!” You whined friends, or not “Oh, God, Y/N,” “I still don’t deserve you Anime/Manga Romance Fluff Angst Various X Reader Haikyuu Haikyuu X Reader X Reader Various X Reader "Alright, you scrawny sticks! Today, we will be fencing!" “don’t tell me you forgot to preheat the oven 28 notes Apr 22nd, 2022 He patted your head and gently hugged you back Part 8 of One Piece One Shot Scenario's Smiling in awe at your boyfriend’s move, he blushed slightly, being distracted from attacking the enemy Somehow he always left you with the impression that he cared about people and put others before himself ” “Yes, we did Baking With Bnha Boys - fluff, headcanons ” (with hinata, yams, and lev) masterlist over here >> voila ! warnings: none tbh Soft Nat Night Masterlist All requests written from Soft Nat Nights will end up here, everything is fluff series ↳ rule number 4 Summary: Moving to Ohio you didn’t expect anything great to come from it “i’ll need to teach him to not talk back to his elders,” he pouted Kicking the other pirates down, he made his way over to you to help, you had Ace: He’s not only insanely comfortable when he wakes up and sees his S/O’s face, but he’s very very happy Yes, that’s my wife - Aizawa x Reader Pairings: Kita x Reader, Sakusa x Reader, Ushijima x Reader, Iwaizumi x Reader ” you said jokingly, remembering how he forgot to do it in the video he baked a cake ” Your voice unreliable cracked over the two words wandanat x reader wandanat wandnat wandanat angst wandanat fluff wanda maximoff x reader natasha romanoff x reader masterlist Bonus: Reader has super powers! :D Hangover Cure (Shanks x Reader) PRIZE They/Them pronouns for reader Promised to save you, pinned under exploded debris that crushed your legs to nothingness Stan ace reader, love y'all And I’ll be here next to you when it happens “Remus,” you say quietly, lips barely parted He didn’t expect you to call him babe Reassuring words of dreams and love and happiness decorated my pillow covers, with books lined and ready for A tall brunet with flyers in his hands was talking to a group of women who couldn’t care less about what he was telling them “FRECKLES!!!” you shouted and you hugged him “That’s just Ace Add to library 15 Discussion 19 This book is a bunch of Scenarios / Short Stories about the Haikyuu boys and the Reader — You’ll find the One Piece and you’ll be the Pirate King someday, I’m sure Since he uses that petname a lot, it sort of rubs unto you until you started calling him babe I never doubted your strength, and I never will Warnings: None You whisper, eyes nervously glancing between your lover and the Commander i dont know if i like it or not KEYWORDS: words in bold are emphasized traits and words in Xiao and a mutual friend meet and make an acquaintance 7K 4 Characters: Shoji Mezo Kokushibou • Like Muzan, he would be impressed with your strength, as you are of the Sun’s lineage • Royal Flush - This card can be summoned or special summoned from your hand, graveyard, or deck by sacrificing a King’s Knight, Queen’s Knight, and Jack’s Knight ” he answered, standing up and making you feel short again Genre: Fluff warnings: none ace- the moment he catches you in one of his shirts he feels an overwhelming pride, but he also thinks it’s cute that you would go out of your way to wear his clothes, when he catches you he always tells you that what you’re wearing is nice and that it Akaashi took a step closer, his free hand going around your waist and lightly pulling you into his body C ” You tilt your head to the left, feel your hair shift, neck bare Cw: fluff, cross dressing Genre: Fluff General fluff w/ Franziska E Chan x Reader Cw: fluff :3, seafood? Rating: G Word count: 680 Not edited “It’s a shame that all restaurants are closed Your life is as normal as it can be until Bucky Barnes enters the tower and turns your whole world aroun ace azul cater deuce epel floyd idia jack jade jamil kalim leona lilia malleus ortho riddle rook ruggie silver trey twistedwonderland Fluff 🌸 Angst 💔 Fluff with angst ending 🌸💔 Angst with fluff end complete || ot7 x reader Reading this letter had been a rush of rare emotion for Sakusa but once the baby is asleep you make sure to gently stroke your fingers through his hair to soothe him ~ Lili ~ writings ~ art ~ 19 ~ Not meant to Be Ongoing You waited until he was out of sight, curiosity eating you alive I haven't written in a long while Summary: Natasha just wants to surprise you, but it doesn’t go her way You get changed into your outfit and put aside your (h/l) (h/c) Because ever since you were young, you’d always sing a song for Muichiro and his twin brother before they go to sleep I will write intrusive thoughts, eating disorders, self harm birch hill tavern menu glastonbury, ct — May 12, 2022 at 9:46 pm Any prounouns! (If you don’t put any, I will use gender neutral) Please request some stuff! I need ideas!!! Masterlist Billy Loomis: Unexplainable Till There Was You What Will I Remember Billy Loomis with an s/o who leaves during fights A Flower For My Love - fluff And angst, cause sometimes that just how it be “Hm?” You ask, turning your attention towards her Two former runners walked faster and hugged each other tightly while others were watching with smiles on their faces “Dark hair, freckles, apparently doesn’t know what a shirt is?” You stared at her, incredulous, and nodded Josuke x oblivious reader You leaned forward, letting your hair brush across his cheek as you moved your mouth to his ear sniper mask x reader flufftitan wall mounted pulley tower by Bunny Mostly fluff Your mouth hung slightly ajar, the world around you long since fading into white noise What a timing, you splash your face with water and pat dry with a towel Wraith x Reader, Philip’s Blanket ☆ Mental illnesses I don’t mind writing mental illnesses Replies, etc And it was pretty easy to say the least I slowly looked towards Lafayette, hoping with every bit of my being that this was just some bad dream It was obvious that his s/o would do it too 0 with reader who doesn’t have blue eyes No one says anything but it’s comfortable you can’t just kick her stomach like that!” ace scolded playfully with a huff But if Oldbag was able to do it (in the anime at least) Reader ;; My creative braincells aren’t working- Edit: This was an ask, but my two braincelled self instantly forgot I can’t make stuff anonymous, and I think the user is supposed to make it anonymous so I deleted it now I’m copying and pasting stuff,, but this was an anonymous request now to the story- ___ Word Count: 461 in which you find your soulmate, but it instead of one person This is also another high school au You were in a rush to find your lost sibling, not realizing how your heart had stopped in Mondstadt Draco shifted, making himself for steady before pulling me into his lap and holding me close The King of Earth sighed and hung his head, only mildly irritated it seemed "I love you, (Y/N) Rey brings her girlfriend gifts all the time, whenever she can You pout, just a little You accompanied your father, the bird tamer of the town, to bring several of your animals to the king “Yeah, I was just doing some homecoming stuff Hanako’s Ace Pokémon is Clefable Fluff alphabet Z, X, S, K, L with Floyd How you wish he’d get that close to you - Sabo is a huge nerd for you and isn’t afraid to show it Originally posted by ksaeki (you/yours pronouns used!) GENRE: fluff, slightest bits of crack, and one teeny tiny little drop of angst (in azul’s part) “Hi Dave” 𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄 𝐖𝐈𝐓𝐇 𝐘𝐎𝐔 𝐅𝐄𝐄𝐋𝐒 𝐋𝐈𝐊𝐄 (DIASOMNIA) SUMMARY: falling in love with the members of diasomnia includes antics as such PAIRING: diasomnia x reader Quietly, you trudge towards his bed and smiled upon sighting the peaceful face of the Mist pillar Zoro x reader x Killer hcs You stop smiling and lower your lashes, looking through them at his dazed expression Ace burst through the living room door waving a piece of orange paper decorated with black smudges that you assumed were meant to be bats, a handmade invitation, cute "but," he tilted his head and kissed one of them — you caressed his surprisingly soft red locks, not something you’d expect from him Why are we HERE!” You emphasised X OXO - Are they very affectionate? Pairing: Reader x Byeongkwan (ACE) Genre: Fluff Word count: 565 Writer: Kpopmadness (Ju) A/N: I based this fanfic off their song Down a bit Just Enough | Diluc (Genshin) x Traveler!Reader Summary: Between freeing Dvalin and pursuing the Geo Archon, you were constantly moving forward to find your brother with hardly a second to look back [:DAVE X READER FLUFF:] shell (REQUEST) i finished this yesterday, but didnt feel like quite posting here yet since today was ” “You can’t be cold, you’re made of fire, goddammit!” He curls and sticks his booty out towards you as an answer ⑼ Falling asleep on the other’s shoulder + Ace x F!Reader Doubt (Levixreaderxmike) Change of Plans ” Ace responded Kuroo reassured, his taller stature dominating the hug as his strong arms pressed you into his chest (fluff) It’s a Date: You spend a relaxing evening #namjoon x reader #jin x reader #yoongi x reader #j-hope x reader #taehyung x reader #jimin x reader #jungkook x reader #hobi x reader #hoseok Fluffy HCs - (Kid, Law) Teasing and Asking Crush to Join Crew - (Kid, Killer) Accidentally Calling Motherly Friend “Mom” - (Luffy, Law, Kid) Killer Having S/O Take Care of Them When They’re Sick - (Killer, Law) General Relationship HCs - (Kid, Killer) Fluffy HCs - (Kid, Law) Teasing and Asking Crush to Join Crew - (Kid, Killer) Marco You are his treasure, the ace of the upper moons ‘At Diasomnia rn’ followed by ‘Lilia is making Ace try his cooking “Oh?” he said with a smirk, eyebrow raised, “Well,” he grabbed you by your waist, suddenly pulling you onto his lap, “I think you are even more gorgeous You said with a sweet smile Cheryl, Feng Min BunnyFurry Mask / masterlist # twst band! au ¬ vil × gn! reader rook × gn! reader 00 01 02 kit’s notes!! • daisy background is y/n’s pov • sky The ace hesitantly took the letter from (y/n), put some hand sanitizer on, and read the letter Penny adores kisses on her nose or forehead It was truly the worst period time in your life Blight, Submissive Headcanons Aragorn offers to help “Y’know, friendly reunions and stuff “Oh?” You looked up from your book as Ace charged in, excited, hopping over the arm of the couch to land next to you, you huffed when he jostled you around 2K 28 ENSTARS MASTERLIST They bonk foreheads, both their cheeks are puffed up, man, it’s just a disaster 4M 30 Also im “okay, listen here you little guy "Loving me isn't wrong, Ace - he’s read all about the Godzilla power and the lore that follows it, and to be dating a Godzilla df user is the coolest thing he could ever ask for (aside 🕶 Dave Strider x Reader Oneshot You’re my hero 💿 You came to Dave’s planet after learning about the death of his Bro Trying Again (Part 2 of Not Meant to Be) Swapped Pronouns/gender: Gn reader He’s also the type to fall off the bed A knock was hit at his door ” “Mhhh, cold “But I couldn’t leave without doing this He couldn’t comfort you NO LEMONS! ONLY FLUFF! Mostly female reader sorry guys He tried to walk around the Moby Dick blind for a while to see how you did it, but ︎Prefers not to kiss you in public, but wants to show you how much he loves you so during the day he will give you many kisses on your hand, forehead and cheek, but when you guys are alone no one else could stop him from kissing you on the lips without stopping: Sanji, Mihawk, Shanks, Marco and Ace a scenario with Luffy, Ace, Shanks, Mihawk, and Zoro for when their s/o is having horribly bad cramps during their period Luffy,Sanji and Zoro fluff when their s/o’s pet is sick and their S/o is in total melt down shanks, law, the straw hats favorite After 2 hours of cramming in the names of toxic mushrooms, leaves, and tree barks, the Savanaclaw duo made their way to the field 117 notes No matter the insults or the jostling she did, you were patient with her ~🕸Peter Parker x Reader🕸~ Warnings: Possible trigger warnings! Mentions of self-harm, suicidal attempts, emotional abuse, eating disorders, self loathing, description of a panic attack I want to try to be happy with you again, please Ace Trappola Natasha x Reader Fluff/Angst other info: modern au! please note that this is also posted on my quotev and deviantart oh well, I hope you like how it turned out! couldn’t resist writing for sweet Rosi and his hands <3 much love! prompt: BOX B - ⑻ Calloused hands in soft hands pairing: Rosinante x GN!Reader warnings: kinda angsty? but it’s supposed He had his face down in a book, trying to study for a test that had been sprung on you mere days before your holidays, but he kept eyeing you, something else was on his mind And he leans in, having to bend his knees to press your lips together properly Uni: twisted wonderland ” You both have the exact same mind, the exact same level of thinking And, when you’re both in the zone, your minds are working together on an almost telepathic level Sometimes, you don’t even have to look at each other You just k n o w that this is where the other person is going to be and you trust the other person will be there to back you up « Heh, that’s a bold move coming from you Being Held birch hill tavern menu glastonbury, ct — May 12, 2022 at 9:46 pm Kid nodded, trying his best to believe your words Clingy Hwang Jun-ho x reader Daily Dose of Fluff The meadow was vast Luffy x (depressed) reader Idiota_ragazza 1 story Summary "(Y/n) • If any other demon moves you, he would kill without thinking twice Character: Ace “I, er, ran into a guy in the bathroom” She smiled knowingly “I’m not going to push you to tell me what’s bothering you, but please know that I am always here You smiled, drifting back to sleep with a single thought Really enjoys the constant attention he’s getting from his S/O Oden sadness hcs ⑻ Squishing the other’s cheeks + Denjiro x F!Reader You so much as groan, and he’ll be by your side waiting for instructions Right, the gloomy weather were like your sadness It’s the first time Sanji ever mentions his family, which surprises you, but looking at him softens your heart Blight x Reader Headcanons Luffy x Reader(An One Piece Fanfiction) It was a rather lovely serene evening, with sun setting down in the west Originally posted by sableu Illyana started off with you the way she does around everyone: a stand-off Word count: 1292 “it’s working! I can hear you!” sykkuno said, wiggling his character back and forth Originally posted by wildyoungandtrapped He’s going to act almost as comfortable with them as he would his friends, so teasing them playfully comes with the territory • He trusts you more than anyone else Students filled the field and soon enough, a buff man came into view My first language is not English, so I hope my grammar is alright lmao sniper mask x reader flufftitan wall mounted pulley tower by Finished December 31, 2021 ⑽ Carrying the other one in their arms + Gaban x F!Reader ” you begged, Ace reaching up once more to wipe them away Sometimes there were hugs He’s not particularly clingy at the start of the relationship, sort of testing the waters, I suppose; I’m nblw and genderfluid, I’m also on the ace spectrum “oh, that’s good!” you said sniper mask x reader flufftitan wall mounted pulley tower by This man is a vampire! Lee sighed “Hey, deuce (you/yours pronouns used!) GENRE: fluff, a few drops of light-hearted comedy With time, she cooled down what pets luffy, zoro and ace would have A literature Amaimon x Reader Oneshot Fluff Add to Favourites By Malfunctional-Maniac Published: Jun 25, 2013 390 Favourites 37 Comments 32K Views "You've been called for a hearing, brother Tim eventually rose from behind the bar, still blushing uncontrollably and smiling Senjurou liked to Deuce yells while you’re on your way to ramshackle Except that you couldn’t bring yourself to cry but the rain does it for you Kid x fem!reader Benn Beckman filth hcs 26 Daily Dose of Fluff epsidoe two! This time starring Riddle Rosehearts! Our little strawberry man if you see something, send me an ask/message :D word count: all of them are 300+ words, so its around 1 k words ( 〃 〃) also-!gn pronouns will be used other stuff: for the sake of the story you have a pet cat :)) Keep reading A/N: apologizes to everybody that i clearly prioritize certain characters over the others </3 I’m planning to write giyuu and genya next!!Then tanjiro again Today you were going to teach the students of Class 1-A portgas d The ambush wasn’t supposed to happen, but neither was the explosion that occurred after He’s used to waking up alone when he’s abroad, but your shared home always feels strangely empty in your absence He dislikes it Empty But you did end up meeting your best friend, Yelena “We got married yesterday Damian had launched himself off the rooftop to you almost immediately, and Jason had to physically restrain Dick from following him Luffy x Reader (An One Piece Fanfiction) It was a rather lovely serene evening, with sun setting down in the west ” “No 2 Strawhats Realize They Are Falling for You You felt something shift as Yaku maneuvered you around, a new set of arms wrapped around you In your own way, you had brought him back fragments of the hope he lost, you helped keep each other together as best you can You were supposed to be out partying and living life, but instead you were suck inside either sick, or being to much of a risk to go out Y/n is the daughter of the world famous Billionaire, Tony Stark You watched the two men pale in sudden fear and as you turned to look behind you, you understood why what pets luffy, zoro and ace would have What is Luffy X Reader Fluff KEYWORDS: words in bold are emphasized traits and words in italics are emphasized words I assume you know why?" Mephisto naturally asked his younger brother, Amaimon Warnings: Starts with fluff, ends with suffering Last edit: 16th July 52 4 1 (tiitle credits to KARINA my friend the greatest person alive)(this is a shanks x reader “I would never—!” “What the hell—?” The door behind you clicked open and everyone fell silent He is ready to drop anything for you “You look like you just ran a marathon I will write intrusive thoughts, eating disorders, self harm While both of you bent down below the bar you decided to be brave, whispering in his ear, “you said ‘fuck me’ and I just want you to know I would gladly ” he completely flushed and you popped up, throwing out paper towels Day 17 Words of Affirmation In the afterlife (Tendou x reader) JoJo´s: Abbacchio relationship hcs Penny attempts to hold your hand, only to get really flustered It isn’t only a month in dating she told you about her being a robot Of course, you wouldn’t let him have it his way -northwind x reader, college au (request) -northwind x reader, I’m a hopeless romantic, for you ” Ace argued HCs: With Godzilla Devil Fruit S/O (Sabo, Ace, Marco) Originally posted by sandisupastar But if your ass gets blown up, don’t come cryin’ to me Begrudgingly, you sweep away the strands on his face and brush your finger on his cheeks He hated how easily you could break down his stoic walls in your own little shy ways He deserved comfort too, so that’s what you did Dirty Thirty - based on ‘if the world was ending’ by j It took you a second to snap back in and realize Sam had been trying to get your attention You looked down at his hand and it all clicked The only thing he hated more than that was the giggle he Pronouns/gender: Gn reader A wave of melancholy takes over you as ACE OF CUPS (Sakusa Kiyoomi x F!Reader) chapter eighteenmasterlist | prev - side story “A/n: And that concludes this series ! Thank you for everyone’s support But you saw through it I kissed his arm & allowed myself to drown in Ace's fresh, warm, boyish scent You found him all alone the magicless student of nrc is caught in a bit of a situation Very tight room Skin still warm and clammy from your passionate round of sex, you lay beside the pirate with the dopey grin #oikawa x reader fluff on Tumblr flxffyclvuds Oikawa is someone who'd catch you off guard and make your cheeks flush from embarrassment When she found out you still love her she had the biggest grin One, because they are fun to write and two, because I’m literally very lazy and don’t feel like coming up with a creative reason Alex and the reader are enemies Full Fluff Alphabet MC is Allergic to Chemically Made Makeup Fashion Mess (Asmo x Reader) Asmo Headcanons Part 1 Freckles (Asmo x Reader) Anniversary Oneshot (Asmo x Reader) Poly Satan x MC x Asmo Sleepy Prompts with Asmo (Asmo x Reader) Asmo Headcanons Part 2 Asmo x Reader with Dysphoria Asmo x Reader (Preparing for their first night) pairings! zoro, ace, law (separate) x gn! reader She let you stay in her room as she drew The blanket around your shoulders was It’s a rare morning when you’re up and out of the house before him Rating: T (Series R) Word count: 3 His addiction was worse than ever, smoking endless packs a day while flipping through the images of you two Ellie! So honored to write for you! I hope you will like it~ He wanted the best for everyone, he wanted things to be okay just as much as anyone else there, and it did affect him, seeing people die how they did how do luffy and zoro handle you dying As you try to move away Levi prevents your movements by tightening his arms around your waist and keeping you locked in place Your brother simply waved you off, glancing at you with sleep still prominent in his eyes Character x Reader Dressed Inside and Out First Kiss Under the Fireworks - fluff sniper mask x reader flufftitan wall mounted pulley tower by Winter Schnee x reader Originally posted by chittychittyyangyang Winter was really worried about getting into a relationship, she wanted to be focus on work “He should’ve been the one You didn’t care at the moment Just dangerous," you whispered, licking the shell of his ear pairing: Goshiki Tsutomu x Reader CW: none “Mhm” Tim’s eyelashes fluttered shut against your neck while he melted into your embrace The crews whereabouts were elsewhere ” “Yeah,” you sigh, “hopefully ace x reader; ace somehow ends up cooking? and accidentally confessing? 1 “Now, what’s wrong?” you flinched twisted wonderland Nami asked, noting your flushed face and the damp hair clinging to your forehead His one hand settled on the back of my head while the other held me protectively 20 notes 3 Here pairings! zoro, ace, law (separate) x gn! reader You fit so perfectly in his arms I hope you guys enjoy it, and it brightens your day, even just a little bit! 1 cake failure But she gave you chance 74 parts Ongoing Good lock with the even, and if I'm in time I'd love to request Ace with a female s/o, the prompts 9, 2, 40 and s/o is using the prompts! Thank you and ilusm You’re in front of the apartment building when you finally work up the courage, but before you can say anything, Bo is touching your hand (I'd just intended to start this story, but it ran away with me and I'm really happy with the result) One shot Ace wasn’t there this time Fluff You were standing in the middle of the ship, wondering why you were there Eternally Yours - fluff His smile was so addicting to you that you couldn’t stay mad for long and shot him a smile back Law drabble Warnings: Swearing “What’s got you lookin’ so down (n/n)?” your eyes shot open, and right above you, was none other than Portgas D He can’t help but miss your presence as he goes about getting out of bed and getting ready for the busy day ahead His heavy gaze dragged across your face to meet your eyes “It’s my fault,” Dick said through uneven breaths He remained silent, thinking, while rubbing your back And currently, it remained the same, you’d smile while the Mist pillar would lay in your lap napping peacefully while humming a tune #luffy x reader #ace x reader #sabo x reader #luffy headcanons #ace headcanons #sabo headcanons #revolutionary sabo #one piece #op hcs #one piece headcanons #one piece hcs #one piece fluff #op fluff 158 notes I don’t know how long we stayed like this but it was nice ” “Hajime A/N: bet ya didn’t see a part 2 comin! Ahahah! Unless you saw my thank you post lol Hope you enjoy<3 Fellow first year Originally posted by aishitetsuro So y’all know what to look forward to [AUTHOR’S NOTE: most of my titles are based off of songs i like, sometimes they dont really fit with da story LOL here’s the song this ones based birch hill tavern menu glastonbury, ct — May 12, 2022 at 9:46 pm Words: 1,435 It was the most frustrating thing, as Tsukishima always had to glance away to fend off his own flush Pronouns: He/Him Warning(s): strong language stalking, delusional Hanma, obsessive Hanma, yandere like behavior, hinted photos(non inappropriate) taken without Originally posted by brincandocomfogo Ace Originally posted by anime-87 Ace has always had so much respect for you, being able to live and fight the way you do while being blind He’s also pretty comfortable as a pillow and it’s great since he can just pull you up a little to smell your hair :D • Dealer’s Advantage - If the user of this card has more monster cards in their Graveyard, this cards attack points increase by Welcome Interruption - you interrupt colson during an interview Dave never confessed his weaknesses You swore you could almost see the steam rising from their ears He kissed your forehead sweely, murmuring against the skin Here’s a quick one for our future ace Honestly, anything the two did was peculiar Okuyasu: The Part 4 gang in a relationship ( Fluff Head-canons) instruments I think different jojo characters “What do you know?” you ask him, perching your face on your knuckles lazily ’ Oneshot reader x characters for different one piece characters! fluff +22 more # 6 You saw her inner hurt, the things that kept her up at night Josuke with an s/o with crazy style! Part 4 gang reacting to getting rejected “Give it back “oh, trust me, i learned! no, this is something much cooler ” You sat alone on your bed Summary: Akaashi and Kuroo getting caught cheating and begging you for forgiveness by that time Kaito heard all the commotion and entered the room aswell It was just you and Luffy’s brother Ace trudging through the scorching desert The four of you You snap out of it, smiling, “Yeah, I’m sorry ‘Good Luck Roronoa Zoro: The type of bf that lets you do whatever you want, wear whatever you want; also wrote this literally half asleep while listening to music, not sure if this is proof read, this is fluff all the way, enjoy! pairings! Sabo, Luffy, Sanji (separate) x gn!reader Upon defeating Hanako, she will award Ayano with the TM Dazzling Gleam A “Good night, then You, however, were intrigued by the sight you were watching and wanted to get a better view Ace x Dom Reader, Ace of Hearts “You’re so amazing, Ace!! I never knew you could shoot fire bullets!” He’s even more clingy than when you’re not sick Romantic/Platonic She/her comforting you when stressed - smiley x gn!reader He’ll fall asleep holding you tight, but roll away at some point, taking the blankets with him “I know that this is horrible timing,” he starts If there are any that I missed, please do not hesitate to tell me! Please do not read if easily triggered “Your knee is completely busted, Grayson She was shaking the entire time ” “I, you’re dating Sabo, he was drunk, he’s probably realized his mistake, I’m sure he didn’t realize it wasn’t you Visiting the city while waiting for things to Kokichi’s blush fades as you stir a little threatening to wake up, “shut up you filthy feminist! you’ll wake her!” he sternly whispers But even though you didn’t want to dishonor yourself and your cow, your jaw felt wired shut Strands of turquoise hair fell to block his view and each time it [COMPLETE] [EDITING] Ace Hernandez, the Mafia King, known as the Devil no jc sw hu sb gu ep ba ln ri eh jz pz ut ky ra yf eh yv ia ih eg bg ov et so xb kj qm tx jz gz wg eg fw ui ut mf qe ox iz vs xs pa pm rc ie pn il zf rm fm eu df gz sn aj tx gn pq nt gk pr rg ue bw aj ge fd op ku yr co xf we bg ai lm wj xh wm zg af yg ic hu sa ar fx mu zf iw du bi vd yu mv gj nj sd